Tumblr. TUMBLR.
Look what you made me do.

Tumblr. TUMBLR.

Look what you made me do.

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    the first sandy to hit new york
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haha my salad is people

Jamie/Jsmir. In her early thirties, married old lady with a tween daughter. Likes comedians, horror movies, funny things, pie, that guy over there, cheesy 80's and 90's music. Not the fashion, though. Okay. Maybe the fashion. Co-mod of FYBH and runs tjfuckingmiller.

Will Forte called me wonderful once

Bill Hader spelled tumblr wrong in my reddit question to him

I think Bill knows what's up from the look on his face when my twitter name is mentioned

Bill knows about FYBH and answers another question of mine and I'm probably gonna get my legs broke(also it's wonk-a-choo, not wonkcatchhgf like Kevin said)